OHV Adventures

  • OHV Adventures

    Trails spread all across Millard County! From the mountains to the desert, you're sure to find your next adventure!

    Millard County is home to some of the best ATV/UTV opportunities in the country. There are 3 specific types of ATV/UTV riding experiences available here in Millard County. Desert environments, sand dunes, and forested mountain trails.

    Desert Environments: The West Desert Trails in the western half of Millard County offers roads and trails that lead to caves, rock formations, and wildlife viewing areas.

    Sand Dunes: Little Sahara sand dunes, while technically not in Millard County, is conveniently accessible from Delta Utah as your lodging base of operations. This is an extensive sand dune area for exciting exploration.

    Forested Mountain Trails: The Paiute ATV Trail runs throughout the eastern Fish Lake National Forest mountain range with many sections within Millard County.

    ATV/UTV Events:
    Millard County hosts ATV and UTV events as shown on these pages (learn more).

    ATV Jamboree

    Rock Crawl Area