• Little Sahara

    Little Sahara Recreation Area

    Sand Mountain

    Located only 38 miles from Delta in Juab County, the Little Sahara Recreation area is one of the few in Utah that is totally devoted to the OHV recreational sport. The whole recreation site is a giant designated riding area. It will take only moments after you reach the dunes that you are suddenly thankful that you have a whip flag on your machine to make you visible to your fellow recreationists as they come at you from every direction.

    The recreation area is open year round. The busiest time to visit is in the spring, while the summer heat can be somewhat stifling. Little Sahara is about 12 miles long (north to south) and 10 miles wide (east to west); it is not a perfect square.

    The Visitors’ Center Office can be reached at (435) 433-5960, and weather information is available at (435) 433-5961.

    For additional information, contact:

    Bureau of Land Management, Fillmore Office
    35 East 500 North
    Fillmore, Utah 84631
    (435) 743-3100