• Clear Lake

    Clear Lake

    Town and Bird Refuge

    This non-Mormon farming town was settled on the railroad line in 1897 about 19 miles south of Delta. It was made up of approximately 10 families and some outlying farms. The water situation was too unstable and by the 1900s the town was no longer populated. All that is now left of the town are piles of crumbled concrete near State Highway 257.

    Clear Lake Bird Refuge is located south of Delta, off of Hwy 257. It consists of a series of small lakes and ponds that are used heavily by migratory waterfowl and other birds and animals.

    Snow Geese in particular favor the refuge and congregate there in great numbers. Every February thousands of these beautiful white birds use the fields and waters around the Clear Lake area as a rest stop on their northern migration. No other site in Utah offers the chance to see so many snow geese in one place. The sight and sound of thousands of white geese in the air and on the water in such a concentrated condition has got to be one of the most incredible wildlife experiences available.

    Clear Lake Map