• Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

    Biking is a great way to explore our backcountry.

    The Millard County area is an undiscovered paradise for mountain bikers, offering hundreds of miles of roads and trails through wide-open country. Since the West Desert lowlands receive little snowfall and often boast sunny, mild winter days, many roads and trails can be ridden year-round. Caution is needed, however, because of the rugged, remote nature of many parts of the West Desert, and because temperatures can be very cold on winter nights.

    People who want to stay on pavement will enjoy riding US Hwy 6/50, often called the “Loneliest Road in America,” as it skirts along the top of Sevier Dry Lake and heads toward Great Basin National Park. From Delta west to the Nevada border, more than 80 miles, there are no communities, no service stations, little traffic, and amazing desert scenery.

    A favorite is the relatively easy ride from Deseret out to the Great Stone Face. It is about 15 miles if you ride out and then back, about half on pavement and half on improved gravel road. The turnoff from Hwy 257 is signed. The highway and gravel road plunge through farm country and then out into the desert. The route is mostly flat.

    The Notch Peak Loop Road makes a great ride that is more challenging. The entire loop stretches for about 70 miles, with almost innumerable spur options. The section of road through Dome Canyon, between Howell and Swasey peaks, includes an elevation change of about 1,500 feet, challenging riding conditions and beautiful scenery. You can do an enjoyable 10-mile ride through the canyon, to a shuttle vehicle on the other side.

    Technical routes can be found along the rugged spur roads that approach Pine Peak.

    Dozens of other dirt roads and ATV trails also offer great rides.Biking is a great way to explore our backcountry.