• Fishing & Hunting


    The Sevier River and its reservoirs provide good fishing for walleye, catfish and carp. Some perch, bluegill, white bass and other fish species may also be caught occasionally.

    Small streams flowing out of mountain areas provide very good fishing for trout. Wild (naturally reproducing) trout are found in some streams and are commonly caught using fly tackle or small spinners.

    Millard County is also close to some of Utah’s most popular fishing waters including Fish Lake and Otter Creek Reservoir.

    Chalk Creek is located directly east of the town of Fillmore. The south fork is accessible by gravel road and contains mostly rainbow trout. Some cutthroat trout are found in the higher elevation areas and a few brown trout are found in the lower end of the stream. Hatchery trout are stocked near the campground, about 4 miles up the canyon. The north fork is accessible only by hiking. A trail provides access to the upper end of the north fork where wild cutthroat and rainbow x cutthroat hybrids are plentiful. Most of Chalk Creek is located on the Fishlake National Forest.

    Corn Creek is accessible by dirt road going east from the town of Kanosh. The stream contains predominantly brown trout. A few rainbow trout are stocked near the campground, about 3 miles up the canyon. The upper 3 miles of stream are accessible by foot trail. Most of the stream is located on the Fishlake National Forest.

    DMAD Reservoir is located off US 6 northeast of Delta. It contains walleye, catfish, bass and carp.

    Gunnison Bend Reservoir is located on the west edge of Delta. It contains catfish, carp, bass, yellow perch, bluegill and walleye.

    Oak Creek flows out of the canyon just east of Oak City. It is accessible from the gravel road extending up the canyon to a public campground on the Fishlake National Forest. The stream supports a population of small wild brown trout.

    The Sevier River flows through the central portion of Millard County and contains catfish, carp, walleye, bass and other fish species.


    Hunting is very popular among residents and visitors to Millard County. Some of Utah’s best big game hunting units are found in this area, offering the opportunity for trophy hunts. There’s also plenty of opportunity for casual hunters and family groups.

    Mule deer and elk are common in the Fish Lake National Forest, in the areas east of I-15 and around Oak City. Deer can also be found throughout the west desert, in the sage-covered lowlands and the stands of juniper and pine trees on the hillsides and mountain slopes.

    Pronghorn antelope roam the desert lowlands.

    Waterfowl of many varieties frequent the Sevier River and Clear Lake, and can often be found on other lakes and reservoirs.

    Upland game, including cottontail rabbits, pheasants and doves thrive on the edges of the extensive farmlands found here. Rabbits also live through the west desert.

    Varmints, including coyotes, live throughout the area.

    See the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website for specific information and regulations governing hunting. You can also purchase licenses and permits on the DWR website.

    With so much public land in Millard County, it is easy to find accessible hunting areas. Many private land areas are also open to hunting. Please remember to obtain permission before hunting on private land.