Topaz Mountain: A Rockhounder’s Treasure Trove


Topaz Mountain

Tucked away in a remote area north of Millard County, Utah’s Topaz Mountain is one of the best places in the world to find topaz. Whether you’re a rockhounding enthusiast or a lover of adventure looking for your next day trip, Topaz Mountain is well worth a visit.

Topaz, Utah’s radiant state gem, can be found in abundance all around the mountain. What better way to spend an afternoon than a little treasure hunting? Grab your hiking boots, gem-collecting bags, rock hammer, and screwdriver—you’re in for a treat!

Where is Topaz Mountain, Utah?

Topaz Mountain is situated on the southern end of the Thomas Range in Juab County, Utah. This gemstone paradise is approximately 70 miles from Millard County, making it a wonderful day trip for outdoorsy families and rockhounders in the area.

While the mountain and the surrounding area aren’t particularly scenic at first glance, that’s part of what makes this magical Utah destination so special. Topaz Mountain is a diamond in the rough and it takes a little digging to uncover the true magic of the area.

If you plan on camping in the area for an overnight stay, the nearest campgrounds to Topaz Mountain are in the Yuba State Park and Little Sahara Recreation Area. A little farther away, you can check out the campgrounds at Great Basin National Park and Fishlake National Forest. While searching for gemstones is certainly the most popular activity at Topaz Mountain, there are also plenty of great trails for hiking and biking.

Rockhounding in Topaz Mountain

Topaz Mountain in Utah is a bucket list destination for rockhounders around the country looking to collect topaz and other semi-precious gemstones. The topaz crystals this enchanting area is known for were formed within the cavities of the mountain’s rhyolite, a volcanic rock that erupted millions of years ago.

Topaz Mountain

Walking through the washes and slopes on the south side of the mountain, you can find topaz crystals shimmering all around you. If you’re looking for gem-quality crystals, the best spots in Topaz Mountain to search are the seams in the rhyolite. As the name would suggest, topaz is prominent throughout Topaz Mountain.

However, there are plenty of other dazzling gemstones you can find here, including amethyst, garnet, opal, hematite, and even red beryl. Keep your eyes peeled for crystals sparkling around you as you set off on your next rockhounding adventure.

Is Topaz Mountain Free?

The majority of Topaz Mountain lies on publicly owned land and is free to the public, as depicted on this map of the area. However, it’s important to note that the public areas of the mountain are difficult to work and are better suited for experienced rockhounders.

If you’re a novice rockhounder or a family looking for an exciting kid-friendly activity, your best option is to opt for a mining and prospecting tour with Topaz Mountain Adventures. You can book private or public tours that start in the morning and continue throughout the day. This family-friendly Utah activity allows you to keep everything you find and includes hand tools for collecting gemstones.

A trip to Topaz Mountain promises to be a unique and exhilarating adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime. For more exciting things to do near Millard County, be sure to check out our Millard County travel blog!