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    The Paiute ATV Trail

    Central Utah’s 275-mile long Paiute ATV Trail, part of which falls in Millard County, is a loop trail with no beginning and no end! It passes through several towns and has side trails leading to others. Dirt Wheels magazine rates the Paiute ATV Trail as one of the 15 best trails in the country. It has been rated as one of the top five trails in the country by ATV Illustrated magazine. Many riders consider the Paiute Trail to be the top in the United States.

    The trail is designed to provide an enjoyable recreational ride through fantastic scenery. The trail was formed by connecting old roads and trails through Fishlake National Forest and BLM managed land. Several narrow sections of trail were eventually constructed to complete the loop. The main trail is 275 miles long, with over 1000 miles of marked side trails and over 1500 estimated miles of side forest roads and trails. Due to its vast size, the Paiute ATV Trail is best explored in segments.

    The Paiute ATV Trail caters to relaxing and family type riding. Many riders along the four-foot wide trails enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of a deeply dense forest, as well as popular activities such as fishing or camping near the path. Panoramic scenes along ridges allow riders to see over 100 miles in the distance (and 11,000 below!), which makes the ATV trail a popular photographic destination. Wildlife is commonly spotted close by, including occasional glimpses of free-roaming herds of deer and elk.

    The main loop of the trail takes approximately 25 riding hours to complete, but that doesn’t leave much time for stopping or taking pictures. For comfort and full enjoyment of the trail, the time should be spread out over three to four days. However, riders choosing to explore the thousands of miles of marked and unmarked side forest roads and trails may find themselves riding for weeks.

    The Riding Season
    Spring through fall offers riding opportunities, though each season brings its own experiences and adventures. While spring riding is possible on the lower portions of the trail, snowdrifts can close the trail over the Pahvant Mountains and the Sevier Plateau until mid-to-late July. There is an ATV/UTV Jamboree in June that is perfect weather.  September and October provide some of the best riding weather on the Paiute Trail. At this time of year the days are brisk, the nights cool, the trees colorful and the chance of precipitation is low. August also a good time for the high country, although the lower portions of the trail can be hot. After October, storms may close the upper portions of the trail or make riding slightly unpleasant, but not unbearable.

    There are several access points to the Paiute Trail in Millard County, including Fillmore, Kanosh and other spots off of I-15. For more detailed information on access points, conditions, and safety suggestions contact:

    Millard County Tourism

    Fishlake National Forest
    Fillmore Field Office
    390 South Main
    Fillmore, Utah 84631

    BLM Field Office
    95 East 500 North
    Fillmore, Ut, 8463

    Fillmore Loop - Paiute ATV Trail

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