Sunstone Knoll Hunting and collecting sunstones glittering in the sun atop Sunstone Knoll is a great way to spend an afternoon, especially with kids. Some of the sunstones (golden labradorite) are the size of small fingernails. Others are larger and yellow in color.

Golden labradorite is believed to increase inner strength, vitality, courage, mental clarity, endurance and spiritual focus. The sunstones are easy to find on sunny days. Otherwise, dig where others have, and look for rocks holding the crystals within hollow cavities by cracking them open.

Sunstone Knoll is about 11 miles south of Deseret, just east of Hwy. 257. Turn left over the railroad track, then follow the road about one-quarter mile onto the knoll. See our rockhounding map.

The sunstone here is a transparent, yellowish labradorite (a plagioclase feldspar mineral) found as crystals in volcanic rocks and on the flats surrounding the knoll.