Rock Hounding The rugged desert mountains in Millard Country Utah attract rockhounds from around the world. The Antelope Springs area is one of the best places in the world to find trilobites. Gem-quality topaz comes from Topaz Mountain. Sunstone Knoll is the place to find interesting sunstone. Countless other sites yield rare and interesting rocks, fossils and minerals.

Please note that it is illegal to collect Indian or historical artifacts on public lands without a permit. This includes arrowheads, pottery, rock art, old bottles, etc. Metal detectors can be used anywhere except historical sites.

You can collect common invertebrates (without skeletal structures; hard or soft bodied animals such as insects or trilobites) in reasonable quantities but it is illegal to sell those finds. Dinosaur and other vertebrate fossils may not be collected on any federal or state lands except by permits issued to accredited institutions.

See ourĀ rockhounding map to identify general rockhounding area.

For additional information, please contact:

Bureau of Land Management
35 East 500 North
Fillmore, Utah 84631