Riding Horseback in the Desert Horses are very popular in this area. Many residents have horses, and many visitors bring horses to ride in our wide-open country. It is common to see people riding along roadways, even within towns, through the fields surrounding towns and in the nearby mountains and desert.

Some horse enthusiasts enjoy racing, and hold race events at various locations and dates throughout the county. Check with local businesses for specific details.

You can ride virtually everywhere around here. About the only restriction is to respect private property. If an area is fenced, stay out unless you obtain permission from the owner. The vast majority of land within Millard County is owned and controlled by the federal government (BLM or Forest Service), and is open to horseback riding.

Horses are commonly used to transport deer and elk hunters into the backcountry, and to carry out game animals after a successful hunt. The mountains above Oak City and east of the Fillmore area include vast stretches that are not accessible by motorized vehicle. People horse packing can penetrate this country and enjoy hunting or other activities in spots that are virtually inaccessible to the rest of the world.

Bring your horses when you visit here, they are always welcome.