ATV West Desert There are three excellent ATV trail systems on public land in our western desert. They climb rugged mountains, cross deep canyons and ascend juniper-covered hillsides.

This area is remote - there are no services between Hinckley and the Utah/Nevada state line. The area is also very dry. You must carry any water, food and fuel you think you will need, plus a little extra just in case. Also carry tools and emergency equipment.

Spring and fall months provide the best riding weather. Summers can be very hot but it is still pleasant to ride early and late in the day. Winter nights are cold but days are often mild and riding can be enjoyable.

See our excellent, printable trail guides and maps for detailed information on the trail systems listed below. A Utah highway map may be helpful to get into the general area and detailed topographical maps are available if you really want to explore these places.

West Desert ATVing Amasa Basin provides approximately 33 miles of trails ranging from easy to very difficult. The trailhead is in Miller Canyon.

Conger Mountain provides 127 miles of trails, which rate from easy to very difficult. Trailheads are located at Little Valley Well and Kings Canyon.

The Cricket Mountains provide approximately 129 miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult. Trailheads are located at Johnson Pass, Little Sage Valley, Cedar Pass and Headlight Canyon.