Oak City is a charming farming community located at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon, the natural boundary between Pahvant Valley and Round Valley.


Ranchers from Deseret first brought their cattle to sum­mer in the area in 1860 and during the winter would take them back to Deseret. In 1865, a settlement began and William Walker opened a sawmill. The community was known as Oak Creek until a post of­fice was established and the name officially became Oak City in 1868.


During early persecutions of polygamists by the federal government, many families went into exile. Oak City be­came a haven for those families who were welcomed and protected by the residents. Even very young children were taught never to have any con­versation with strangers lest they expose the whereabouts of some family.


Oak City is 13 miles east of Delta on Highway 125, and remains a productive farming area.


Lat: 39.374966          Long: -112.336042