The Western part of Millard County is true high des­ert. Imagine having the 13,000-foot peak of Mt. Wheel­er just across the state line to the west at the Great Basin National Park and a little north, the 12,000-foot peak of Mt. Moriah. These mountains introduce Snake Valley, the final valley you enter before crossing over into Nevada.


This is the home of the EskDale Community, one of three small towns in the valley. EskDale is situated at the base of the Confusion Mountain Range five miles north of Highway 50 & 6. Louis L’Amour featured the area in several of his western novels. In the history of EskDale, outlaw sightings have been rare. However, the nationally acclaimed EskDale Dairy has many eyes focused on their top-notch breeding program and is now one of the most talked about herds in the United States.


EskDale started in 1955 in this high mountain desert of western Utah and today is an oasis in this harsh area. The modern landscaped community sits in sharp con­trast to the sagebrush and wildflowers. The contrasts of the high mountains with the valley floor and the irrigated farmland with the salt flats and alkaline soil make vis­its to the area unique among the Western States. Bird watchers, wild horse lovers, and small game hunters will all find this part of Millard County a grand adventure.


Lat: 39.107621          Long: -113.952935