Welcome To Millard County Utah

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Refresh your mind and restore your spirit with a visit to Millard County, located in west central Utah. You'll find unblemished and seemingly endless scenery, from the mountains of Fishlake National Forest to barren desert lands.

Along the way, you'll discover historical sites and plenty of outdoor recreation. Delta Utah, Fillmore Utah and our other communities offer lots of good old-fashioned hospitality.

Four beautiful seasons complement Millard County's healthy outdoor lifestyle. The average precipitation is just over 14 inches, with very low relative humidity. The air cools rapidly after sunset even on hot summer days, so keep a sweatshirt or a light jacket handy.

This website is updated continuously, so check back often for new information. Thanks for visiting and we invite you to include Millard County in your travel plans. (For more information on Millard County, read our short overview or go to the official county website, www.millardcounty.org.)